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Nasal release testimonial

I admit, I was skeptical at first. How would blowing up a balloon in my nose fix my migraines?. Before chiropractic treatment for my migraines, I was taking 25 mg of amitriptyline nightly to keep my headaches down to one a month or less. I felt uneasy about taking the medication because it made me very drowsy and I have small children in the house. We were able to get my dose down to 10 mg per night; however, going lower brought on more headaches than I was able to manage.

Then Dr. Thompson talked to me about nasal release technique. He showed me the video of what to expect and talked to me about the science behind its effectiveness. Because I was considering a pregnancy, I needed to be able to get off of amitriptyline entirely, so he and I agreed to give it a try. We met weekly while I started backing down the dose of my medication.

It’s a strange experience. I describe it as having Pop Rocks in your face. The tiny pops feel a lot like fizzy bubbles from a soda. The discomfort was brief, and soreness usually gone before Dr. Thompson checked in on me a couple hours later.

But the results were stunning. I’ve had only two migraines in 14 weeks. Both were mild and manageable compared to previous experience. I have reduced my amitriptyline dose to 6.25 mg once per week, and will come off it completely in two more weeks, clearing the way for a safe pregnancy without migraines!

The effectiveness of his technique is stunning. I had hoped to be able to have one migraine or fewer each week while not on any medication. I didn’t imagine I would have no migraines on no medication. The results are definitely worth the time, discomfort and cost. I fully recommend it to anyone seeking natural relief without medication for migraines!

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