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My name is Alysia Bronson and I am a “graduate” of Squirrel Hill Physical Therapy. I say I am graduated because after receiving Craniosacral Therapy treatments, I no longer need to follow-up (although I would not hesitate, should any symptoms return). Let me tell you about my experience.

On January 15, 2010, I fell on the ice in my driveway and suffered a severe concussion. In literally an instant, my life changed so completely that I went from working on my doctoral dissertation to being unable to read, write, walk, or even identify the date. I had three inpatient hospital stays and countless visits to the ER and various doctors, ranging from the UPMC Sports Concussion Clinic, several neurologists, vestibular therapy, and more. I began having seizures that remained unexplained for many months. My family and friends had to provide me with 24/7 care.

After recovering from most of the above disabilities, I was left with a constant headache and some balance problems that would not go away with time or medication. I developed a fear of leaving my house and felt more hopeless and helpless than I ever had in my life. This accident affected me not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well.

My sister, who lives in Cincinnati, had been begging me to see a craniosacral therapist for 10 months. She and my niece (who has Cerebral Palsy) have been going to craniosacral therapy for years. I was a huge skeptic because I thought no one could help me if the best doctors in Pittsburgh could not. Finally, the emotional and physical pain became so great, that I told my sister I would try anything. She found Squirrel Hill PT on the internet and called them for me. I was relieved to learn that it was covered by my insurance, and agreed to try it.

At that point, I was not even able to drive and had to get rides from Butler to Squirrel Hill from friends and family. I met with Cindy to do the intake and an initial cranio session. I can testify that I left that appointment headache-free. I continued with my appointments approximately 2-3 times per week for about 6 weeks. When mild headaches did crop up from time to time, they were gone when I left the session. I also was cured from all balance problems. I was seizure free and able to drive within one month of my treatment.

I am happy and amazed to report that on January 16th of this year, one year to the date, I successfully returned to work. I will be finished with my PhD within the year and I am able to be a productive member of society and of my family. People who know me and what I have gone through continually ask me, “How did they do it?” I tell them quite honestly that I’m not sure exactly how craiosacrial therapy works, but that I am living proof that it does, in fact, work. My story is probably extreme, and I personally refer to it as a miracle. I just hope that anyone who reads this will take the leap of faith that I did and give Squirrel Hill Physical Therapy a try. I believe that they gave me my life back.

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