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I had to simply write you to say thank you! I called you the week of November 28th, just expecting to get a voice mail, and to my surprise you not only answered the phone but you chatted with me for over an hour about the benefits of Nasal Release Therapy. After our conversation, I knew that this was definitely the procedure for me and was determined to find a doctor in Indiana. Otherwise, I was heading to Philly to see you! After finding Dr. Cory Harkins, only 20 minutes from my house, I started receiving the Nasal Specific Technique. I think he was shocked when I asked for this procedure as he’s usually the one suggesting it. He told me that he had only worked on sinus patients for this procedure so if I was willing to be the first concussion patient that he tried this on he would definitely perform the procedure! After living in agony for so long I was willing to try anything, as I’m sure you’ve heard the same from many patients! Plus, after researching everything about this and talking to you, I KNEW this was the way to go!

I’m happy to report that my life has forever been changed for the better as my daily tension headache that I had for over four months has subsided! After the first few treatments my incapacitating, throbbing migraine like headaches that were happening every couple days were no longer near as much. After the fifth treatment, I felt my daily constant headache move and get smaller and continue to do so thereafter! What a strange feeling to have a constant pain that I had for so long in the same location move! At the tenth treatment, I heard the loudest pop, when inserting in the lower portion, and felt instant relief as my headache was completely gone! I was so excited and calling everyone!

Before locating you and this awesome procedure, three medical doctors all told me that I simply needed to rest my brain and there was nothing more that could be done. Two of them advised that I would probably have this headache for over a year. But thanks to you, I was able to find a procedure that worked in only three weeks! It’s been two weeks since my last procedure and I’m feeling fantastic! I’m now waiting for the phone call from my employer telling me that I can go back to work! I spent a week with my family over Christmas and everyone could tell how much better I was doing. They kept telling me that I was definitely back to my old self! I didn’t realize how miserable I must have looked! I knew that I wasn’t being as social, but I was still trying to be positive and keep a smile on my face, even though I felt miserable. I guess nothing gets by family members.

I’m not completely up to par, where I was before my two concussions last summer, but I’m close! I’m still dealing with some light sensitivity issues, slight dizziness when turning my head, and some memory issues. They have all decreased significantly, but hopefully those will soon subside as well. If not, I can manage those.

I can’t wait to see Dr. Harkins this Saturday to let him know how well I’m still feeling! (Obviously, he already knows it since I haven’t been in to see him.)

Thank you again, Cindy, for everything! Words just can’t express to you how truly appreciative I am!


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