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Symptoms : Chronic Sinusitis, Difficulty Breathing, Facial Pain from Teeth Grinding.
Causes: : Car Wreck & 3 separate moderate blows to the head. I made a split second decision to drive 8 hours to get this procedure done (3 times). After the first session, I could instantly breathe better. It’s been a week now, and I’m sleeping better, my sleep apnea is gone. And I am not going through boxes of Kleenex. Overall, I feel more relaxed. Also, my face is more proportionate because my cheekbones appear more full. (Potentially great if you were a first-born child, after long labor and vaginal delivery). The pricing is fair, compared to others charging $900-$2,400 for the exact treatment. This might seem like the most foreign concept one has ever considered but really… it’s like getting an adjustment for your skull. And no, it doesn’t hurt; actually feels quite invigorating. Thanks Cindy!

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