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About Nasal Release Technique

At Conquer Concussion™, our commitment is rooted in a deep passion for making a real difference in people's lives. We understand that the journey to healing is often anything but straightforward, and sometimes the solutions offered by mainstream therapies might not fit the unique needs of every individual. It's for this reason that we're dedicated to providing you with a wealth of resources that extend beyond the conventional, to bring you a comprehensive range of alternative therapy techniques that have the potential to be transformative.

For those who've endured the persistent burden of a relentless headache for years, or have been grappling with constant dizziness and mental fog, we acknowledge your struggle. We're here to offer you a path that diverges from the ordinary, a path that leads to relief, clarity, and rejuvenation. Our articles, therapist directories, and treatment technique videos are meticulously curated to connect you with practitioners who possess the skills and insights necessary to meet your specific needs.

Navigating the realm of health and wellness can be overwhelming, but with Conquer Concussion™, you don't have to journey alone. Our offerings stand as a beacon of hope, signaling a departure from the status quo and opening doors to innovative approaches that could very well reshape your situation. We invite you to explore the possibilities that await within our platform – a gateway to a world of alternative therapies, expert guidance, and a renewed sense of vitality. Your healing journey deserves nothing less.


Nasal Bulbs Now Available For Purchase

Nasal Specific Bulbs are available for purchase.

For Healthcare Professionals
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Looking to expand your skills? Conquer Concussion offers classes on Nasal Release Technique. This course teaches how to treat patients and self-treatment techniques. Virtual classes are 4-hours long, and cost of the class is $450.00 in US and $550.00 internationally.

For Patients
We are now accepting new patients

Cynthia Stein PT MEd sees patients privately or she can refer you to one of her students.

Please contact Cynthia at 412-657-8116

Classes Now Taught On Zoom!

Mission Statement

Conquer Concussion™ was developed by Cynthia Stein, PT, MEd to educate the public about treatments for concussion. Cynthia invested her time and resources into extensive training in a variety of alternative techniques. These techniques include craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, nasal release technique, lymphatic drainage and Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency (PEMF). Concussion is a multifaceted problem which requires close monitoring. The goal in treatment is to assist the release of the forces that have gone into the skull which allows better nourishment to the brain.

Recent News

nasal release in vestibular clinics

December 10, 2014

The more I perform nasal release on my patients the more I am motivated to get this technique researched and brought to the mainstream. It is especially needed in the treatment of our wounded military with traumatic brain injury. If anyone sees this post and wants to help please contact me.

miraculous results

December 10, 2014

I began treating a concussion patient who was better, except for a loss of his sense of smell. After 8 Nasal Release treatments, his smell is 40 % better. This technique never ceases to amaze me.

self treatment

October 22, 2014

I am going to teach self-treatment in my nasal release class. I feel it is very important for every practitioner to do the technique on themselves.

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Welcome to, a treatment, resource and training center designed to educate patients and health care practitioners on alternative treatments for concussion.

This site will demonstrate Nasal Release Technique — a very effective procedure for the lingering symptoms of concussion.



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