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We are passionate about bringing these articles, therapist directories, and treatment technique videos to you because we know that some people do not find success in mainstream Physical Therapy—some of you have been walking around with a headache for five years. Some are constantly dizzy and foggy, trying to regain mental clarity. There are practitioners that have the skills to meet your needs. Explore what Conquer Concussion has to offer you—a wealth of alternative and therapy techniques that could change your situation.


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Looking to expand your skills? Conquer Concussion offers classes on Nasal Release Technique. This course teaches how to treat patients and self-treatment techniques. Virtual classes are 4-hours long, and cost of the class is $400.00 in US and $500.00 internationally.

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Cynthia Stein PT MEd sees patients privately or she can refer you to one of her students. Due to COVID-19, Cynthia observes all CDC guidelines in keeping her patients as well as her self safe. Masks are required.

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Mission Statement

Conquer Concussion was developed by Cynthia Stein, PT, MEd to educate the public about treatments for concussion. Cynthia invested her time and resources into extensive training in a variety of alternative techniques. These techniques include craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, nasal release technique, lymphatic drainage and Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency (PEMF). Concussion is a multifaceted problem which requires close monitoring. The goal in treatment is to assist the release of the forces that have gone into the skull which allows better nourishment to the brain.

Recent News

Thousands of war veterans suffering alone with undiagnosed brain trauma, research suggests

January 7, 2016

The article link below discusses the reason I feel very strongly about bringing alternative structural work into the mainstream so veterans can get hands on help for traumatic brain injury. These programs need to be instituted into all of the major traumatic brain injury centers and VA hospitals. Read the full article here.

Lymphatic Vessels Discovered in the Brain

January 7, 2016

It was always thought that there were no lymphatic vessels in the brain. In June of 2015, specialized imaging identified lymphatic vessels in the brain. It has changed the way I treat post concussed brains. Lymphatic drainage is very important to be done immediately after the injury to clear the inflamatory response to the trauma.…

60 Minutes segment on concussion

November 28, 2015

The segment discussed former Pittsburgh Steeler Milke Webster, who died suddenly in 2002. Prior to his death, Webster had struggled with depression, mood disorder, cognitive and intellectual impairments. His brain was studied by a forensic pathologist named Dr. Bennett Omalu. On first examination Webster’s brain looked normal. When tissue samples were examined, it was found…

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Welcome to ConquerConcussion.com, a treatment, resource and training center designed to educate patients and health care practitioners on alternative treatments for concussion.

This site will demonstrate Nasal Release Technique — a very effective procedure for the lingering symptoms of concussion.