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ZOOM classes

My ZOOM classes for Nasal Release Technique have been going really well. Covid forced me to change directions and as a result of this I have found out that this is a much more effective and easier way to get this very important information out. The technique is amazingly effective for concussion patients who have not responded to the standard of care.

The class is 4 hours long and costs $350.00 which includes the supplies which I send. There are 3-5 people in each class. I teach everyone how to perform the procedure on themselves. This was the same way I taught my on site classes. This is very effective because it teaches the proprioception of the balloon placements.

The class begins with one hour lecture. Every step of the procedure is then demonstrated with videos. Following the class I offer ongoing support with my students for any questions or concerns that come.

Following the class, students are listed on my practitioner referral site on my website conquer concussion.com

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