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Patient Testimony for Nasal Release Technique

Thanks so much for the chance to share my story!

I sustained a significant head injury in 2020 after falling on ice, hitting the back of my head on concrete and losing consciousness for about 30 minutes.  Post-concussion recovery involved a lot of rest and slow return to work, screen time and daily activities.  After more than a year and a half of recovery, balance problems, nausea and fatigue persisted so I sought PT from a person specializing in post-concussion/post stroke, etc., patients.  My first visit with her yielded an overall score of 71 out of 100 on balance function.  I’m not sure of the specific tests performed, but some were administered by the therapist and some were based on self-reporting.  I saw the therapist for three months without much improvement.  In February of this year, I had a minor fall and knocked my head against a wall.  My post-concussion symptoms came back – headaches, nausea, balance problems, fatigue and the inability to look at screens for very long.  For over a month I couldn’t make it through the day without a midday nap.

I had been to visit Ernie a few times before and had one treatment of NRT.  One of the adjustments was quite a significant pop, with major symptom relief so I returned for more treatments.  The result from this adjustment was even more beneficial that the prior treatment and I felt significant relief.  I had one more treatment with sustained benefits.   My ever-present nausea is gone, my balance is NO LONGER an issue, my fatigue has returned to normal levels for someone with my busy life, and I am able to scroll on my phone, look at spreadsheets and other visual tracking efforts with no problems.  One notable example is that I have not been able to navigate escalators without holding on to someone to prevent a fall.  It has been two years since I’ve been able to travel without this kind of assistance.  Now I am able to step on an escalator, unaided, without even holding on to the handrail.  There is no teetering, no notable postural corrections, nothing.  My confidence has also greatly improved!

I returned to my original PT, extolling the virtues of my treatment with Ernie and the NRT.  Her reception of the news was unfortunately dismissive and uninterested.  We did have the scheduled appointment and she retested me to compare with the original score of 71.  I performed significantly better, both on the administered tests and the self-reporting – my score was a 91.  I am delighted to have improved so much and would urge treatment practitioners to consider the potential of NRT.  Although it might be relatively untested or researched, anecdotal results are real. 

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