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California Nasal Release Technique Classes (March 2017)

I had the opportunity to teach two wonderful Nasal Release Technique classes in California! One class was in SanFrancisco. It was the first time I had a dentist attend my class. My second class was in LosAngeles, and was attended by 6 chiropractors and one neurologist. I learn so much from my wonderful students!! All are now added to my “Practitioners” page.

Since March is TBI Awareness Month, I’d like to share some insight on how important the lymphatic system is in brain health. The lymph vessels are so small in the brain, they weren’t even discovered until June 2015! I believe these vessels are very easily traumatized by force going into the head. Concussion is cumulative, and when one force too many goes into the head, symptoms begin. The lymph system should be addressed first so that the inflammatory response from the trauma can be cleared.

Unfortunately, most concussion patients are sent home and told to rest and avoid over stimulation. Structural work like lymphatic drainage, craniosacral therapy, Nasal Release Technique, and myofascial release need to be treatments administered in every vestibular clinic. The eyes become very effected by concussion. This is because the eye muscles attach to the sphenoid bone which is deep inside the skull. The pituitary gland sits on top of this bone. When a strong force throws this bone off, it causes the eyes to track improperly. This leads to many concussion symptoms. Nasal Release restores the proper movement of this bone, and when this happens, the symptoms disappear!



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