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Patient Testimony for Nasal Release Technique

Thanks so much for the chance to share my story! I sustained a significant head injury in 2020 after falling on ice, hitting the back of my head on concrete and losing consciousness for about 30 minutes.  Post-concussion recovery involved a lot of rest and slow return to work, screen time and daily activities.  After…

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ZOOM classes

My ZOOM classes for Nasal Release Technique have been going really well. Covid forced me to change directions and as a result of this I have found out that this is a much more effective and easier way to get this very important information out. The technique is amazingly effective for concussion patients who have…

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Testimonial from one of my students

 I was treating a patient with an old head trauma who brought in his cousin to watch the process but also see if I could treat him as well. This cousin has been told he snores and wondered if I could help him. I did the treatment and he told my patient on the way…

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