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State of Science Symposium at Walter Reed On 3-30-2016

I just attended the State of Science Symposium at Walter Reed. This is sponsored by the Center for Rehabilitation Science Research at the Department of Physical Medicine at Walter Reed in conjunction with the Human Engineering and Research Laboratories at the University of Pittsburgh. Through their collaboration, they present the most updated research pertaining to…

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Pittsburgh Nasal Release Technique Class

My small but super Nasal Release Technique class in my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA on March 19!  Thank you to Family Chiropractic for hosting the class in their office. Three more great practitioners have been trained to bring this work into the mainstream; they are now added to my “Practitioners” page.  They will help many…

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Massapequa, NY Nasal Release Technique Class

My class in Massapequa, NY on Sunday, March 6, 2016 was AWESOME!!! Thank you to Dr. Gregory Bark for hosting the class in his office and for being a wonderful teaching assistant! My students were very skilled chiropractors, physical therapists, and a plastic surgeon. They are all great practitioners and have been added to my…

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Chicago Nasal Release Technique Class

I had a wonderful class in Chicago at Serenity Family Wellness on 2-20-2016. Thank you to Dr. Kristine Tohtz for allowing me to use her beautiful office! Ten people attended this class- 7 Chiropractors, 2 Physical Therapists, and 1 Naturopath. All were very receptive to the work and are highly skilled. It was a delight…

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Research Examines Link Between PTSD and Inflammation

BETHESDA, MD—The science into the biological mechanisms behind the psychological symptoms of PTSD is still in its infancy, but studies have linked PTSD to other serious health problems, including cardiovascular disease, chronic pain, fatigue, and metabolic disorders. Research funded by NIH is suggesting that the cause of this link might have its roots in endocrine…

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