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60 Minutes does a segment on concussion and PTSD

The segment discussed former Pittsburgh Steeler Milke Webster, who died suddenly in 2002. Prior to his death, Webster had struggled with depression, mood disorder, cognitive and intellectual impairments. His brain was studied by a forensic pathologist named Dr. Bennett Omalu. On first examination Webster’s brain looked normal. When tissue samples were examined, it was found…

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Chronic Sinusitis and Breathing Difficulties

Nasal Release technique is a very effective procedure to do on people suffering from chronic sinusitis and breathing difficulties. I have seen my patients get better after 3 treatments. Inflating a finger cot in the nasal passages reduces pressure and pain, allowing increased sinus and nasal drainage. Ultimately the technique expands the nasal passages by…

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Lymphatic Vessels Discovered in the Brain

It was always thought that there were no lymphatic vessels in the brain. In June of 2015, specialized imaging identified lymphatic vessels in the brain. It has changed the way I treat post concussed brains. Lymphatic drainage is very important to be done immediately after the injury to clear the inflamatory response to the trauma.…

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