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Patient testimony

I was treating a patient with an old head trauma who brought in his cousin to watch the process but also see if I could treat him as well. This cousin has been told he snores and wondered if I could help him. I did the treatment and he told my patient on the way home that he wondered if he always talked so loud. He discovered that his ear was not hearing well and not sure for how long. He had almost immediate better hearing and was shocked how loud he talked. After the second visit he still had not lost the hearing but was breathing much better and felt he was snoring less.

I am seeing great success with the nasal release work

I had a 16 year old with a constant headache for 6 months after her second concussion. The headache was at least ½ after the first treatment and almost gone after the second treatment. I think she was disappointed that she waited so long to take up my offer to have the nasal release treatment done.

Michael Koch PT
Spine and Sport Physical Therapy of Waupaca
1948 Godfrey Drive
Waupaca, WI 54981

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