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I learned Nasal Release Technique from Cindy Stein Houck last year. I have incorporated it with the cranial work that I already perform as a chiropractor and have gotten great results! I have found it to be particularly helpful with post concussive symptoms and headaches, especially when there has been an outside-in trauma to the head.

One woman I worked with suffered a concussion and was told she would take 2-3 months to heal. With 3 visits of Nasal Release Technique over a 2 week period of time, her concussion symptoms were gone.

I performed Nasal Release Technique with another woman who had been in a car accident 6 months prior. During the accident, she flew up and forcefully hit her head on the ceiling of the car. She was under chiropractic care in our office. Although her other symptoms were resolving with our care, she was not seeing much change with her headaches. One session of Nasal Release Technique took her constant 8 out of 10 headache to an intermittent 2 out of 10. She had been suffering for months. With follow up visits, she has been virtually headache free.

Cindy is a very passionate and proficient instructor. She has a wealth of information from her years of training and practice as a physical therapist and craniosacral therapy therapist. Thank you, Cindy, for introducing me to such a powerful technique!

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