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Conquer Concussion suggest PNIF for concussion symptom relief

Peak Nasal Inspiratory Flow

PNIF, Peak Nasal Inspiratory Flow Meter, is the most cost-effective device for measuring nasal inspiratory function only. The device is provided to the patient to take home to self-assess nasal airflow. The PNIF meter can be utilized to rapidly assess the patency of the nose.

It utilizes a variable diameter tube adjusted in liters/minute alongside a low inertia marker ring, whose position after an inspiratory maneuver shows the greatest flow accomplished. Precise measurements are Plus/Minus 10% of the reading or 10 L/min flow (whichever is the more prominent), with repeatability of plus/minus 5%. Product life expectancy with typical utilization is to stay operational for two years and is a great option for patient follow-up, using telehealth.


Dr. Karen Davidson, DHA, MSA, M.Ed., MSN, RN

Founder of FACT Healthcare Consulting Group, and creator of the DAFNE Scoring System©

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